Grats Delf

Orange caster staves are all the rage for enhancement shaman nowadays.

Whilst farming Rag mounts for the poor benighted dedicated few, Delf's managed to wrangle himself an orange.

We're likely to be farming Orange Birds long enough that our goddamn feral is going to get his staff too.

This game is ridiculous.

Grats Geh

He's not the hero we deserve. He's not even a hero. He's fucking Geh[size=50">murbleburble.

Grats Scroll

You know, all this time I thought Scroll was a male undead.

So that's #7. I think we're done with this shit, unless Delf can make a really persuasive argument.

In other news, DaggerRogue(tm) has been offline for two weeks.

I fucking hate how Blizz has implemented Legendaries.

Grats Omegax

Dots is a jerk and photobombed Omega's victory shot.


Grats Tarisly

It's batgoblin doing something odd to a tauren. Hmm. Might need an adult for this.